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Cooperative KOVO KONICE manufactures:

  • submersible electric motors

We pursue:

  • Submersible pumps N Jubila, EVBU, EVBU1", UVN, UBA, UBG, UBX repairs
  • Mud pumps GFHU, KDFU and KDMU repairs
  • Pumps made of SIMA Nové Zámky- CVBU, CVBU, CVOU, CVMU repairs

We offer:

  • Manufacture capacities in connection with lathes, milling, drilling and grinding machines, locksmith and press production and idle capacities in painting and hardening shop.

We manufacture and sell:

  • Mechanical rider balances with weighing capacity of 6, 15, 20, 100, 200, 500 kg, the personal scales with weighing capacity till 150 kg, mechanical balance for cattle with weighing capacity 500 kg
  • U-series submersible pumps (UVN, A-UBA, UBG, UBX)
  • U-series submersible pumps spare parts

Our products:


NAUTILA-U Pumps in detail
Technical table - pumps types and performances
Technical graph


VBJ 6 Balance in detail
VBO 15 Balance in detail
VBM  50 - 1 Balance in detail

VBM 20, 50-1, 50-2, 100

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