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The balance is designed to weigh the single load pieces with weight up to 15 kg. The lowest scale portion value is 10 gr. The balance is officially tested and that is why it may be applied to the direct sale for instance in shops, market-halls, in agriculture, industry, in households and so on.

Technical data:

Balance dimensions:
400 mm
355 mm
400 mm
Load bearing table area
40 mm
300 mm
Lowest scale portion value e=d:
10 g
Tare T:
0,75 kg
Tare dT portion value:
10 g
Class of accuracy:
Range of weighing: min. 0,2 kg, max. 15 kg
Weight: 9 kg


The balance is of all-metal design. The holders in which the hardened bearings are mounted, are in encased frame made of thin-walled U shape profile. The hardened blades of the lever mechanism are mounted into the bearings. The load transfer from the load carrier is carried out by means of swinging suspenders to the lever mechanism and by means of pull rod to the balance beam. The weighing is carried out by means of sliding riders and the weighing outcome is read on the scale. The main scale has division from 0 till 14 kg by 1 kg graduation. The auxiliary one has division from 0 till 100 gr. division value by 10 gr. The tare scale has division from 0 till 0,75 kg, by 10 gr. The counter-weight situated onto the balance beam left hand side serves for zero-setting prior the weighing commencement. The balance beam is equipped with arrest, to prevent damage within the shipment. The height setting into horizontal level in accordance with the bubble vial is possible by means of setting legs.

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