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Submersible pumps NAUTILA -U

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Way of application:

Potable and utility water with temperature 30°C at most pumping, with maximum acidity 5,8pH, mechanical impurities-free. Equipment is used to feed the village and city waterworks, industrial and agriculture plants with water. Water pumping from large depth and narrow drilled wells. The equipment maximum depth positioning under the water level is 50m.


Easy to assemble into the well, or drill by means of supporting clip situated onto the discharge pipe suspended onto the transversal beams.

Reliable operation suction problem-free, without freeze-in possibility, maintenance-free, because the pump is the stuffing-free and lubrication is provided by the pumped liquid.

Wiring by means of alternating current 3x380V, 50Hz, Y-connection, direct start-up.


The pumping equipment consists of segmented centrifugal pump and a special submersible electric motor assembled by means of coupler into the single assembly.

Motor is situated under the pump and its design enables to be engaged under the water level. It is three-phase, asynchronous bipolar and the rotor cage has short-circuit connection. The motor is sealed and filled with clean water.

The pump consists of stator and rotor. Stator consists of suction cover, segment body with converter, discharge and back valve body equipped with thread to be connected with pipeline. The stator is screwed into single unit. The rotor consists of shaft and bladed impellers secured with key and the unit is tightened together with nuts. The shaft is mounted into the bearing, bushes lubricated with water. The equipment is connected to the electricity net by means of contactor and adequate circuit breaker.

Main parts material:

Bladed impellers
Shaft bushes
stainless steel
Bearing guiding bushes
Unit body
grey cast-iron
plastics (U-VN,A-UBA Grey cast-iron (the other)

Optional appurtenance according to the requirement:

  • four-core cable CGKZ water-resistant, section and length according to the table
  • cable fasteners (one piece for every 3m of the cable)
  • complete clip for assembly (one piece)

Note: Manufactured under co-operation with SIGMA GROUP, a.s. Lutín, Czech Republic

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