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This balance is suitable for loads up to 6 kg weighing, with lowest scale portion of 5 gr. value. The different types of trays may be suspended onto the suspender. It is particularly suitable for dough weighing in bakery, for vegetable sale and so on. The balance is officially tested and may be applied for direct sale.

Technical data:

Length: 490 mm
Width: 240 mm
Height: 450 mm
Verified scale portion value e=d: 5 g
Class of accuracy:III
Auxiliary scale portion value:5 g
Main scale portion value:1 kg
Load carrier - tray for dought:ø 300 mm
Depth:20 mm
- Tray for vegetable:ø 300 mm
Width:230 mm
Depth:150 mm
Range of weighing:min. 0,1 kg, max. 6 kg
Weight:4,5 kg


The balance is of all-metal design. The surface is painted, balance beam is Ni- coated. The tray for dough is from stainless steel, tray for vegetable from zinc-coated plate. The height setting into horizontal level in accordance with the bubble vial is possible by means of setting legs. The balance beam has two scales with sliding riders. The main scale has division from 0 up to 5 kg by 1 kg. The auxiliary one has division from 0 till 1000 gr. by 5 gr. The counter-weight enables the pointer zero-setting prior the weighing commencement. The setting is possible by means of tool application only. The arrest serves to prevent the balance beam against displacement. The weighing outcome and the zero-position indication are visible from balance both sides, from the seller side and from the buyer one as well.

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