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The rider, bridge scales are used for single piece loads weighing, up to the 20 kg of weight, with 10 gr. weighing accuracy. It may be commonly applied in households, in shops, in the market-halls, in agriculture and anywhere. The scales are officially tested and that is why it may be applied for direct sale in the shops.

Technical data:

Scales height: 175 mm
Scale division value: d 10 g
Bridge dimension: 500 x 360 mm
Scales dimension: 500 x 453 mm
Range of weighing: min.0,2 kg, max. 20 kg
Weight: 17 kg


The scales are of all-metal design. The holders in which the hardened bearings are mounted, are in encased box made of thin-walled U shape profile. The hardened blades of the lever mechanism are mounted in the bearings. The load transfer from the bridge is carried out by means of swinging suspenders to the lever mechanism with suspender equipped with hardened blades and bearings. The balance beam is equipped with two scales - the main and the auxiliary one. The main scale has division from 0 till 19 kg by 1 kg graduation. The auxiliary one has range from 0 till 1000 gr. by 50gr. graduation. The counter-weight situated onto the balance left hand side, serves for pointer zero-position adjusting prior the weighing. The height setting into horizontal level in accordance with the bubble vial is possible by means of setting legs.

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